Bumthang Cultural Trek
Bumthang Cultural Trek
Central Bhutan,Eastern Bhutan,Western Bhutan
3 Days
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Following the gush of Chamkhar Chhu into the depths of the valley, possibly at every turn greeting a temple, watch the rural setting as they plod in the mud upon terraces of vegetables, tussling solemnity and laughter about life- we are traversing the spiritual heartland of Bhutan. Across beautiful landscapes and Bhutanese architecture at its best, there is tranquil to experience and a culture to embrace forever.

  • The trek takes us to two very striking attraction of the tour Ngang Yul (Land of the Swan) at the centre of which lies the Ngang Lhakhang (Swan Temple)- the valley was once a haven for swans.


  1. Day 1 Toktu Zampa to Ngang Lhakhang: The tour begins by the Chamkhar Chhu. We traverse into beautiful valleys and encountering many temples, we only stop at Thangbi Lhakhang for lunch. Onwards the trek, we cross the threshold of the Ngang Yul (Land of the Swan) at the center of which lies the Ngang Lhakhang (Swan Temple). The valley was once populated by swans, and hence the name Ngang Yul.
  2. Day 2 Ngang Lhakhang – Tahung: You will begin the day by crossing verdant meadows and with a beautiful view of the valley below. Then you climb gradually to Phephe La (3,360m), the highest point of the trek route. The trail passes through beautiful forested areas where many stops can be made to enjoy the natural beauty of your surroundings. The path leads you downhill into a broad valley. Amongst several possible camping sites the most likely one is uphill behind the village of Tahung. Across verdant meadows and knolls, almost a stroll then a brisk uphill battle, we reach a mountain pass- Phephe La at 3360 meters. Through the forested trail, we make several stopovers to lavish the beautiful scenario. Right after the mountain pass, we walk downhill to a broad valley. It is here we call it a day.   
  3. Day 3 Tahung to Mesithang: Following the course of Tang Chhu, the trout swarm the river. After leaving behind the Tang Rinpoche’s stupa, the trek takes us to the Mebar Tsho (the legendary burning lake). You must take a minute to pay respects and another minute to listen to the legend behind the lake. Then, another attraction is the Ogyechholing Palace, now turned into a museum showcasing traditional artifacts. We come to the end of the tour.  

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