Butterfly Tour
Butterfly Tour
Eastern Bhutan
8 Days
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Have you ever spotted Bhutan Glory?
It is Bhutan’s national butterfly. Bhutanitis lidderdalii as the scientific name suggests, it was discovered in Bhutan. It is a species of swallowtail butterfly (family Papilionidae), which is found in Bhutan, parts of northeastern India and of Southeast Asia. A spectacular insect much sought after by collectors and recorded as rare and “insufficiently known” in the IUCN Red Data Book on swallowtails.
Double the population of butterflies together in North America with 679 species, and Europe with 440 species- Bhutan alone has 900 species. In terms of species richness per area unit- Bhutan ranks in the top 10% in the world for butterfly species population.
As the only carbon-negative country in the world, and attributing to clean atmosphere for butterflies to exponentially grow and diversify- butterflies in Bhutan is thriving in one of the best habitats ranging from 5000 meters above the sea level.
We can truly call Bhutan as the butterfly capital of the world making it a benchmark for an ecological hotspot.

  •   Search for the Endangered Ludlow’s Bhutan Swallowtail Butterfly, the national butterfly of Bhutan
  •  Explore the Bomdeling Wild Life Sanctuary in


  1. Day 1 Guwahati-Samdrupjongkhar-Tashigang:   After a brief reception, we will drive into the Bhutanese soil, as fast as possible. The drive will be a scenic one as it offers changing landscapes and the only constant element will be the weather- hot and humid. After five hours, we reach Tashigang, our destination.
  2. Day 2 Tashigang to Tashiyangtse: The day’s destination offer exchanges with Highlanders. They have a very unique culture and tradition starting with their dress and dialects. We will be chasing Bhutanitis Ludlowi Butterfly after a three-hour drive to Tashiyangtse. Bhutanitis Ludlowi in layman’s term is referred to as Ludlow’s Bhutan Swallowtail and our destination is the lone site in the world to chase and spot this very beautiful butterfly.   
  3. Day 3 & 4 Bomdeling Wildlife Sanctuary: Getting up early for a three-hour hike to the Bomdeling Wildlife Sanctuary, we are exploring butterflies in the sanctuary for straight two days with a night’s recess. The major find will be the Ludlow’s Bhutan Swallowtail. Bhutan Tree Brown remains as the newest entry in the Butterflies of Bhutan. At the sanctuary, soak into the beautiful vibes of its flora and fauna.
  4. Day 5 & 6 Tashiyangtse: Tashiyangtse is another paradise for the butterflies. Here, one can spot a swarm of butterflies such as Parasarpa zayla zayla, Neurosigma siva siva,  Euthalia duda Staudinger, Euthalia amplifascia Tytler, Mimathyma ambica namouna, Sephisa chandra Chandra, Zophoessa sidonis, Zophoessa goalpara gana  Lethe rohria rohria, Lethe verma sintica Fruhstorfer, Lethe isana dinarbas, Acraea issoria issoria, Acraea issoria issoria Childrena childreni children, Childrena childreni children, Argyreus hyperbius hyperbius, Argyreus hyperbius hyperbius, Vanessa cardui, Vanessa indica indica, Kaniska canace canace, and Kaniska canace canace.
  5. Day 7 Tashiyangtse to Samdrupjongkhar: Our drive to Samdrupjongkhar will be through hairpin switchback road. All the way it is a fun to get in the drive and enjoy the scene that keeps changing.
  6. Day 8 Samdrupjongkhar to Guwahati: After a fulfilling butterfly excursion, you will be homebound bidding Bhutan your goodbye, a goodbye as good a promise to come back again.

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