Gangtey Trek
Gangtey Trek
Eastern Bhutan
3 Days
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Gangtey trek is one of the most transcending treks in Bhutan. Almost a bowl-shaped glacial valley, Phobjikha is the roosting ground to the precious and popular migratory Black Necked Cranes. Host to the Nyingmapa school of Buddhism, the main seat of the Pema Lingpa tradition, it has the most imposing 17th-century Gangtey monastery.
Trampling the tidings of the knolls across chilling brooks and tapering footpaths crowned by the shades of the trees- the trek is serene and comforting for the light sporty trekkers. In this valley, the nomads and the cranes live in spiritual communion. Strengthening the ties of the communion and embracing the beauty of the valley, the state supports to preserve the medieval setting of the valley. Through the bounty of Nature, the trek is of utmost happiness.
If only the fate favors, the trek lets travelers walk through the carpet of dwarf rhododendrons and mosses indicating the atmosphere’s purity of the valley.

  • Phobjikha is a very stunning glacial valley. The landscapes and vegetation coupled with the lives of the nomads and also hosting the endangered migratory black-necked crane by winter, Phobjikha stirs an aura of peace and happiness. The valley unceasingly continues to mesmerize the travelers’ lot.Nature’s Trail in Phobjikha is an hour’s hike. It is only about plain hikes and the hike makes people realize the significance of preserving and conserving our Mother Earth. Onwards to our destination, we spot mosses popular as the ‘old man’s beard’ indicating the purity of the atmosphere. Walking joyously across meadows, the forest of juniper, bamboo, magnolia, and rhododendron- it bodes as a testimony to the truth that Bhutan is the only carbon negative country in the world. It is also a birder’s paradise.


  1. Day 1 Phobjikha – Zasa: Trek starts near the village of Tabiting. You will pass through beautiful meadows and fields and a mixed forest of juniper, bamboo, magnolia, and rhododendron to Tsele La (3430m). From here you descend into the Juge Kangkha Chhu valley. Further on, the path leads to Gogona, famous for “Gogona Cheese” production. The campsite beside a small fresh stream in a yak pasture called Zasa The hike is a sojourn in the depths of nature. We start the hike penetrating the thicket in the shades bestowed by the canopies of junipers, bamboo, magnolia and dwarf rhododendron strolling upon the primulas carpeting the trail; we reach a mountain pass- Tsele La at 3430 meters above the sea level.     Zasa- a feeding locality of the yaks- we camp at the seamless convergence of elements of nature. It is before our campsite, we reach a valley popular for cheese production, ‘Gogona Cheese’ a relishing brand for many.  
  2. Day 2 Zasa – Chorten Karpo: As we hike up for a while, we reach yet another mountain pass- Shobe La at 3480 meters above the sea level. Descending amid the thicket of the pass, the mountains and hills greet us. Further below, we see a beautiful valley Khothokha where potatoes grow in abundance. Under the canopy of blue pine forest, our campsite will be near four stupas guarding our night.
  3. Day 3 Nyingungla - Chele La Pass: Wake up to yet another rejuvenating hike through the serenity of the forest. Mostly descending hikes, we reach our destination and our team awaits us to drive us back for departure bound.

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